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In today's volatile landscape, staying ahead requires more than just focusing on internal operations. While SWOT analysis has its place, we're living in turbulent times that demand more. Enter PESTEL analysis - a powerful tool that helps you understand and prepare for the external forces shaping your industry's future.
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As a boutique web development and design agency specializing in Organic Marketing and SEO, we want to share these three key strategies to help update your marketing efforts and create lasting connections with your audience.
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In today's "digital renaissance", brands are scrambling to jump on the AI bandwagon, fearing they’ll be left behind. However, this rush often leads to hasty implementations that dilute their unique brand identity. Here are five ways AI is ruining your brand's unique value.
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At Bay Laurel, we often chat with clients who aren't sure what to expect when it comes to website costs. To shed some light on this, we've dug into a recent Forbes article breaking down website expenses for this year.
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Buckle up, because AI has infiltrated every business, including creative industries. Whether you're excited, terrified, or just plain confused about artificial intelligence, AI is shaking things up in the creative space—for better or worse.
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There’s a whole world of psychology behind why certain visuals work better than others. When it comes to branding, the choices of colors and design elements can impact your audience's perception.

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