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Who We Are

Our small agency is a mix of creative strategists, developers, and visionaries. We’re proud of our team’s unique insights and drive to build community through innovation. Each of us is committed to making an impact and creating a positive change, and we love celebrating our wins together. Read on to learn more about our team and see how we’re shaping the future of online solutions!

Our vision

We are building a future where every visionary’s unique message can resonate and spark sustainable growth, creating deep, authentic connections.

Our mission

Dedicated to amplifying the voices of purpose-driven individuals, we enhance online impact to attract high-value leads and foster genuine, lasting engagement.

Our process

Approachable solutions guide you from concept to realization. Through personalized intensives, we blend structure and creativity to achieve the results you want.

How we started

A little background

Bay Laurel’s story can begin by knowing more about our founder Lindsay Pfeiffer, a committed consultant and outreach specialist with a background in business, marketing, and design. Her career holds over a decade of involvement with purpose-driven projects in humanitarian aid, universal basic income programs, and initiatives that support our unhoused and lower-income community members. In her work, Lindsay has collaborated with various advocacy groups and nonprofit organizations, with entities like Union Square, Downtown SF, Google.org, Miracle Messages, CoMUNIty Transit Act, and USC School of Social Work. She’s currently on the board of the Oakland nonprofit Urban Compassion Project as head of social innovation and digital strategies. Her diverse experiences have been instrumental in laying the groundwork here.

Our Orgin Story

In 2022, in San Francisco’s Mission District, a casual post-work meeting at a wine bar brought Lindsay and her colleague from Miracle Messages together with the AseelApp team. A discussion about Aseel’s humanitarian mission led to a powerful statement about their goal to ‘save the world’—a phrase that was both direct and inspiring, forging a special connection. This moment proved to be the catalyst that eventually prompted Rahman Shafiee to join Bay Laurel as the lead developer, where his mix of technological expertise and commitment to social impact has become invaluable.

why we do it

Bay Laurel is rooted in the impact of strategic connections and the collective aspiration to enhance global well-being. Our commitment is reflected in our dedication to employing our expertise in business and technology to foster significant, positive transformations. We invite you to collaborate with us and bring this vision to life, project by project.

Enter Formation

Our programs are perfect for anyone who wants to launch a new venture, redefine an existing business, or explore fresh ideas for their online development needs. Share what you’re working on and we’ll help you turn your ideas into reality.

here's how we work

Our signature process and workflow are designed to guide you through every stage of developing and enhancing your online presence. We are here to support you each step of the way, from formation to flip. 


Fast Track Your Brainchild

Book a FREE 15-minute call with Lindsay before you commit! It’s the simplest way to address any questions you might have and make sure we’re the right fit. If the available times don’t suit you, please use our contact form and we’ll accommodate your schedule.


turn your ideas into action

Brandforma is your key to unlocking potential. With this tool, you’ll transform your visions into structured, actionable plans. Just one call results in a guidebook and a clear path forward, providing the insights and strategies needed to elevate your brand online.


It's Time To Brandflip Your Script

What we learn in Brandforma allows us to make it all happen with Brandflip. With a solid foundation, we have the upper hand in building the most efficient website and branding solutions, tailored specifically to meet your audience’s needs.


On-Demand Growth & Support

We also wouldn’t leave you hanging. Future-proof your online presence with ongoing support sessions so you can make the changes needed to continuously adapt and evolve your business.

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