5 Ways AI Is Ruining Your Brand’s Unique Value


5 Ways AI Is Ruining Your Brand’s Unique Value

In today’s “digital renaissance”, brands are scrambling to jump on the AI bandwagon, fearing they’ll be left behind. However, this rush often leads to hasty implementations that dilute their unique brand identity. We’ve seen firsthand how badly AI can go wrong, and when it’s not done right, can backfire spectacularly (see examples). Here are five ways AI is ruining your brand’s unique value.

#1 Cookie-Cutter Content Creation

AI-generated content is everywhere these days. It’s quick, it’s cheap, and it’s… well, kind of boring.

Here’s the deal:

AI tools like ChatGPT are trained on existing content from across the web. When you use them to create your brand’s content, you’re remixing what’s already out there. The result can lead your blog posts, social media updates, and even product descriptions to start sounding like everyone else’s.

Think about it:

If every coffee shop used AI to write their “About Us” page, they’d all end up sounding like variations on the same theme. “We’re passionate about sourcing the finest beans…” Boring.

What’s missing?

Your brand’s unique voice, its quirks, and personality. The very things that make customers choose you over the competition.

Don’t get us wrong – AI can be a helpful brainstorming tool. But relying on it too heavily for content creation risks turning your brand into a faceless, forgettable entity in a sea of sameness.

#2 Predictable Visual Branding

AI-powered design tools are getting scarily good. They can whip up logos, social media graphics, and even entire brand identities in minutes. Sounds great, right?


These tools are new and work by analyzing trends and popular designs. So your visuals might look slick, but they’ll also look… familiar. Maybe a little too familiar.

We’ve all seen those tech startup logos that look like they came from the same assembly line. You know the ones – abstract shapes, muted colors, san-serif fonts. They’re perfectly fine, but they don’t exactly scream “unique brand identity.”

Your visual branding should tell your brand’s story, not just follow the latest design trends. It should be memorable, distinctive, and connected to your brand’s values and personality.

AI can’t replicate the human touch that comes from a designer who really gets your brand. It can’t capture the doodle that becomes your iconic logo, or the bold color choice that sets you apart from your competitors.

blurry portrait of woman with ai

#3 Robotic Customer Service

AI chatbots are everywhere these days, handling everything from basic customer queries to complex troubleshooting. I’m sure you’ve met a few. They’re efficient, they’re available 24/7, and they never need a break.

But here’s the problem: they’re robots.

Sure, modern AI can simulate human-like conversations pretty well. But it falls frustratingly short when it comes to understanding context, picking up on emotional cues, or thinking outside the box to solve problems.

We’ve all been there – stuck in an endless loop with a chatbot that just doesn’t get what we’re asking. Beyond frustrating, it’s impersonal, and definitely not the kind of experience that builds brand trust and loyalty.

Human customer service reps bring empathy, creativity, and genuine connection to their interactions. They can turn a complaint into an opportunity to showcase your brand’s values. They can go off-script to support a customer in ways an AI simply can’t.

By relying too heavily on AI for customer service, you risk losing those human touchpoints that can turn customers into big time fans.

#4 One-Size-Fits-All Marketing Strategies

AI-powered marketing tools promise to optimize your campaigns, personalize your messaging, and target the perfect audience. Sounds like a marketer’s dream, right?


But there is always a catch. These tools are working with data, not intuition. They’re great at identifying patterns and predicting behaviors based on past actions. What they’re not so great at? Innovation. Creativity. Taking risks.

When everyone’s using the same AI-driven strategies, marketing becomes a game of incrementalism. You might see small improvements in click-through rates or conversion rates, but you’re unlikely to stumble upon that game-changing campaign that takes your brand to the next level. 

Some of the most memorable marketing campaigns in history came from human creativity and gut instinct. Think about Apple’s “Think Different” campaign, or Dove’s “Real Beauty” ads. These weren’t born from algorithms – they came from human insights and a willingness to take creative risks.

By leaning too heavily on AI for your marketing strategy, you risk playing it safe and blending in with the crowd, rather than standing out and making a real impact.

blurry portrait of man with ai

#5 Loss of Authentic Brand Voice

Your brand voice goes beyond the words you use and is the personality that shines through in all your communications. It’s what makes your brand feel human, relatable, and trustworthy.

AI writing tools are getting better at mimicking different tones and styles. But they’re still just that – mimicry. They can simulate a friendly tone or a professional one, but they can’t capture the true picture of your brand’s unique voice.

Think about some of the brands with the most distinctive voices out there. Maybe it’s the cheeky humor of Wendy’s tweets, or the straightforward, no-nonsense tone of The Ordinary’s product descriptions. These voices are an extension of the brand’s values, culture, and personality.

When you rely too heavily on AI to generate your brand’s communications, you risk losing that authentic voice. Your social media posts, email newsletters, and even your website copy can start to feel generic and inauthentic.

Remember, your customers aren’t just buying your products or services – they’re buying into your brand as a whole. And a big part of that is the personality and values you communicate through your brand voice.

Finding the Right Balance

Don’t get us wrong – AI isn’t our enemy but it can ruin your brand’s unique value. Used wisely, AI can be a powerful tool to enhance your brand’s capabilities and streamline your operations. The key is finding the right balance.

Here’s 5 more ideas on how to work with AI while keeping the human touch front and center:

  1. Use AI as a starting point, not the final product. Let it generate ideas, then refine and personalize them with human creativity.
  2. Combine AI-driven insights with human intuition for marketing strategies that are both data-informed and creatively bold.
  3. Use AI to handle routine customer service queries, but make sure there’s an easy path to human help for more complex issues.
  4. Leverage AI design tools for initial concepts, but rely on human designers to add that unique touch that sets your brand apart.
  5. Use AI writing tools to overcome writer’s block or generate outlines, but always edit and refine the content to align with your authentic brand voice.

Don’t let AI ruin your brand’s unique value. Your brand’s unique value lies in its humanity – the passion, creativity, and personal touch that no AI can replicate. By finding the right balance between AI efficiency and human ingenuity, you can create a brand that’s not just successful, but truly unforgettable.

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